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The Power of Medical Ultrasound

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Pictures of Health

Ultrasounds are increasingly popular and have become the most utilized form of diagnostic imaging available today – after X-ray exams. Used worldwide, ultrasonography is a very safe and effective way to gain insight about what is going on inside the body.  Quartz crystals, in the probe that is moved across the skin, transmit sound waves into the body, which are then reflected off organs and body tissues. Those reflections are analysed by a computer to create a real-time image on a screen.  Dolphins use a similar process to detect objects in their line of vision! While some diagnostic testing can expose you to harmful radiation, when choosing ultrasound, there is no need to worry about that since the sound waves used are already abundant in our environment but not audible by the human ear.  Ultrasounds are also generally well tolerated with simple or no preparation instructions and no needles or IVs!

Proactive for Health

Doctors recommend and prescribe ultrasounds for many varied reasons such as pain, bloating, discomfort, laboratory followup, routine surveillance for existing conditions and family histories and is a very useful diagnostic tool. Be sure to discuss all symptoms, family histories and concerns with your doctor who can take steps to detect issues and formulate treatment plans to prevent, cure and monitor medical conditions. Ultrasounds are commonly used as a first step because of its effectiveness at examining targeted body tissues and organs inside the body, it's safety and lower cost. Did you know that most kidney lesions are found incidentally by abdominal ultrasounds?  Did you know that doctor's routinely order ultrasounds for those with a history of smoking and that the detection of an abdominal aortic aneurysm could save your life?

Women’s Health

With heart disease being the number one killer of women in the United States, ultrasounds are used to monitor heart diseases before they become dangerous to the health of a woman. Ultrasounds are also able to monitor and characterize breast abnormalities and gynecological issues.  Ultrasound is the best diagnostic tool available to doctors to screen for ovarian or uterine cancer. Simply put, one ultrasound has the power to change the course of a woman’s life.

Men’s Health

Although many people associate ultrasounds with women and babies, they can be just as helpful and beneficial to the lives of men. Ultrasounds can help diagnose a wide variety of conditions in men, ranging from heart disease to abnormalities in the prostate gland and scrotum. Ultrasound is used for the detection of testicular cancer and once again, an earlier diagnosis means extremely high cure rates.

Fetal Imaging

Over the course of a pregnancy, most women have ultrasounds to check up on the health of their baby.  Ultrasounds are not only very beneficial to the management of your pregnancy but are also safe for both mother and fetus.  Ultrasounds are able to verify due dates, size and gender of the fetus as well as check for any abnormalities that may exist.  If issues are detected, doctors and parents are able to take the necessary precautions throughout the pregnancy.  The most beautiful thing about a prenatal ultrasound is that parents are able to see their baby developing before birth!                                                                                                

Harnessing the Power of Ultrasound for You and your Family

It is easier and more affordable than ever to harness the safe power of ultrasound that could change the course of the lives of you and your family. Talk to your doctor for a prescription for an ultrasound to address your concerns. That is all you need to then choose your medical ultrasound services. Premier has freestanding community locations in MA, with free or validated parking without the hassles of a hospital visit and at a lower cost. Insurances are accepted. Rest assured, our freestanding sites ensure the safety of your ultrasound, being accredited by the American College of Radiology with registered diagnostic medical sonographers and all new equipment. Be proactive, be well!

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