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Making the Most of Pregnancy Ultrasounds, For Both Mom and Baby

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Having ultrasounds during the course of your pregnancy is very important for both the mother and baby.  It is the first time the mother can see her child at this emotional and magical time for her.  Not only are ultrasounds beneficial in terms of enriching the parent and baby bond, they are also a way to keep tabs on the health of the baby.  These tips from Premier sonographers were compiled to help Moms make the most of their ultrasound appointments:

Time is of the Essence

The soonest Mom can get positioned to be scanned means more time for great images both diagnostically and for Mom. There are many steps that happen at your ultrasound appointment, so if you have any questions about the process don’t hesitate to call your doctor and/or your insurance company before the appointment to ask!

Understand the Process

The sonographer's job at your appointment is to produce the best images possible to be reviewed afterward by doctors who specialize in ultrasound.  If you are having a "Level II"/high-risk ultrasound, a maternal fetal medical doctor will consult with you at your appointment. Otherwise, the radiology report will go to your referring obstetrician. We understand that for some people, a diagnostic test can be an anxious prospect, so do your best to relax and enjoy looking at your baby knowing that you are making the best medical choices by having this ultrasound checkup. If you’d like, ask the sonographer in the beginning to identify the baby's parts during the scan as it proceeds so you don't have to keep asking.

Be a Savvy Healthcare Consumer

Did you know that the medical ultrasound choice actually belongs to you, not your obstetrician? It is always your right to choose your medical ultrasound services. All you need is your doctor's prescription for your ultrasounds and your doctor will get results quickly to be electronically incorporated into your chart. You can feel good about saving yourself some healthcare dollars too!

Find an Image of Trust

Ultrasonography is "operator dependent”, therefore, finding a sonographer with experience is very important. Your sonographer should be experienced and registered, working at an office that is accredited by AIUM with all new, updated equipment.

Be Comfortable

You're pregnant, so get comfy! There is going to be a lot of gel on your belly, so it is best to wear clothing that will easily expose your whole belly.  Also, there is no need to go overboard on a full bladder - you need a tolerable full bladder in your first trimester only.  If you are having an early scan before 7 weeks or if your cervix is being monitored, then you may have an “internal” or endovaginal” scan, and in that case you will have the chance to empty your bladder beforehand. For those types of ultrasounds, wearing a skirt might be easiest for you.

Eat Before your Appointment

When you are hungry your baby can be lethargic and we like it when they move around a bit. We obtain views of your baby's different anatomical parts and see best when those parts are closest to your belly skin, not your back. If your baby moves, we can examine different sides of the baby well. How about some orange juice too!

Less is More for Distractions

Ultrasounds are exciting for expecting parents and families. We totally get it that you want to bring someone. We want you to have an amazing experience but we also need to concentrate on examining all parts of your baby so keep that in mind when planning your appointment. Sonographers need to acquire many images and video clips in 2D, 3D and 4D.

Keep(sake) the Images

Ultrasounds provide parents a window into their developing baby's world. This experience and these images enrich that bond with their baby's miracle of life, providing lifelong memories and keepsakes of this special time. Did you know, in MA you can get free online access to your baby's high quality digital images only at Premier's freestanding sites? It is called Bellybaloo and parents love sharing them, using them in baby planning activities and making keepsake items. Make the most of your baby's medical ultrasound images and don't spend money on a non-medical "keepsake" ultrasound, as the FDA advises.

For more information on ultrasound procedures and to schedule an appointment, contact Premier Ultrasound Services online or at 800-346-2111 today! 

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