Nov 15

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We Have a Choice: We Can Shop for Healthcare

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We Have a Choice –Understanding that we CAN shop for healthcare

Why is it so important to shop for healthcare services?

As consumers, we are always striving for the best “bang for the buck,” securing the best quality product or service for the lowest cost.

We shop for cars, homes, electronics, and airline tickets. We will spend the extra time to purchase a car at a dealership 30 miles away if it means saving $100 or even $1,000 dollars over the price for very same car at the dealership close to home. Whether we realize it or not, the majority of our purchasing decisions are researched and carefully considered.

So, why don’t we shop for healthcare services?

Our experience at Premier is that the majority of consumers do not realize that they can shop for healthcare in the same way they shop for a car, a computer, or airline tickets. When a doctor tells us where to get an ultrasound, where to get our blood drawn, or where to get an MRI, we believe that we need to go where our doctor tells us to go. We don’t understand that, as the patient and consumer, we have a choice where we go for these exams. Even if our doctor doesn’t refer us to the lower-cost, more convenient location for our healthcare needs, we have the choice to go where we want to go.

Why is it so important to shop for healthcare services?

Because there is SO much variability in cost for healthcare. Many in-network services vary in price by 500% or more! The biggest factor in cost is where the care is provided. New Choice Health, a website that provides cost information for certain medical exams, reports that the average cost for an ultrasound in Boston ranges from $90-$3,700. Think of how much savings potential there is for just one ultrasound exam!

The moral of this story is that as patients, we can make the decisions on where to go for important procedures and services. It’s our health and it’s our choice. Next time you need an exam done outside of your doctor’s office, think twice before you’re sent to the most expensive hospital. Always remember that you can have the same high quality exam done at a alternative location near home for fractions of the cost.

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