Physician Group

Physician Group

Our physician partners enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility of on-site ultrasound services and additional revenue with no hassle. Consistency is an essential part of patient care, and Premier offers that consistency with advanced equipment and a team of sonographers experienced in standard protocols and maintaining the high standards your patients have come to expect. Our dedication to technology allows us to connect equipment to a hospital’s EMR for seamless and secure reporting. Premier will also bill patients directly as another convenience for our physician partners.

Our physician partners note that Premier is a smart, practical choice. When ultrasound services are offered in physician offices, the physician enjoys a competitive advantage with both convenience of service and low rates. Premier’s reimbursement rates from the insurance companies are among the lowest in the state, offering substantial savings to both the patient and the physician or IPA with risk sharing contracts. Join the growing number of physician partners who have signed up for the Premier experience in ultrasound services.

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Partnering with Premier

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Our sonographers follow this organization's standards:

  • American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine

Premier maintains corporate sponsorships in the following organizations:

  • March of Dimes
Explore the Partnership Potential

Every relationship is a meaningful partnership to Premier. Our flexibility allows us to tailor our services to meet your facility’s ultrasound needs.


For hospitals, we offer multiple creative outsourcing models, whether inside the hospital walls or outside in the community. 

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Physician Groups

For physician groups, we deliver care for your patients in your office setting, offering a more customized experience for both physician and patient.

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We offer the opportunity to provide diagnostic solutions for your patients in our own freestanding environments. 

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Partnership Solutions

We continually work on ways to provide new models for partnering that fit your ultrasound service needs. 

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