Medical Ultrasound Cost with 3D/4D Capability

Estimated Cost of your Ultrasound

Premier offers high quality ultrasounds at fractions of the cost of hospital ultrasounds. We help patients save hundreds of dollars when they choose Premier for their ultrasound needs. 


Below, you will find the average cost for the most common ultrasound exams. Please keep in mind these are averages and costs will vary +/- 10%-15% based on the type of insurance. The costs represent the technical fee for each ultrasound exam. 


If you would like to know the exact cost of your exam, please contact your insurance carrier. 


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"No matter where you are, no matter who you are, you deserve quality care. At Premier, we are dedicated to providing high quality diagnostics when you need it, where you want it, at a cost that makes sense."

Bill McCurdy - CEO and Founder, Premier Ultrasound Services - Avon, MA

Premier Ultrasound Services - "An Image of Trust"
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